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Good Brewing Co.

Yes, that's me standing between my fermenters. This is my nano brewery. Humble beginnings with big aspirations, is what I tell people. It all started with my wonderful wife, Shalliah, and yes it is all her fault! She bought me a brew your own beer kit for Christmas. One of those that comes in a small box. It was all syrup and yeast. Well it turned out horrible, as my good buddy Tim would attest. Knowing me, I had to make a good beer and had to be from scratch. Ambition drove me to learn and explore the world of Craft Beer. From reading literally hundreds of books and watching countless hours of videos, I became driven to brew the best ales and lagers. It wasn't all easy... the cost of it and well all the bad batches that went down the drain didn't help me feel like I was accomplishing anything. Well, now we are here 2 years later with a small 1bbl nano brewery seeking to make my dent with my premium ales and lagers.

The Good Brewing Company is focused on building beer from scratch. Using Reverse Osmosis water and re-mineralizing it for each beer style, buying local premium grain from Skagit Valley Malting and Organic Yeast from Imperial Yeast in Oregon is helping us to make unique and well crafted beer.

I have always have been a huge community supporter. My Goal is to bring a brewery that is focused around supporting the needs of the community. One day our goal is to open a full Brewpub and production brewery in support of my community, whether that is providing space for non-profits or community events free of charge. Hosting fundraisers, or giving a portion of our revenue to support a community cause that is in need of help. We are The Good Brewing Company.